Vieri Bottazzini is European Photographer Qualified!


After getting my LBIPP Qualification, I moved on to the next goal, a successful FEP Qualification. This means getting qualified by the Federation of European Photographers (FEP) this time. The FEP is composed of the national professional associations of various European countries, is the central reference authority for photographers in the EU and represents more than 50.000 professional photographers. As such, it is the only organism that grants you a professional qualification recognised in the whole territory of the European Union.

The Faroe Islands Photography Workshop

The FEP offers three levels of qualification; European Photographer (EP), their basic level; after that, one can apply for Qualified European Photographer (QEP); finally, one can go for Master QEP, their top level.

To apply, one must be a member of one of the FEP associations; in my case, the BIPP. For the EP level, digital images submission is enough; for the subsequent levels, prints submission is required.

Once I filled up my application form, sent my images and paid my submission fee, the BIPP took care of all the digital images submitting process for me. In a few weeks, I got the news: I passed! After a successful FEP qualification, I am now a European Photographer (EP).

Now, I have four years to apply for my QEP; this time, I’ll have to prepare a portfolio of 12 prints mounted on cardboard to be sent to the judging panel to get qualified.

I am planning to do so as soon as possible, but since between Workshops and my own work I am going to be on the road a lot in the near future, that will probably have to wait until summer, or right after summer.

So, how about you? Do you want to invest on your future, improving your photography rather than getting new equipment, and eventually try and get qualified as well? If you love landscape and travel photography, if you want to improve your skills and expand your vision, then there is nothing better than joining a group of like-minded fellow photographers on one of my LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS: enjoy a few days of intense, concentrated work on all aspects of your photography in some of the most beautiful and mesmerising places on Earth!

The Dolomites Photography Workshop

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