Vieri Bottazzini, 2016


I am really proud and excited to announce that, starting from September 2016, I am cooperating with Leica Italy both as a Leica Ambassador and as a Leica Akademie Italy instructor!

Leica is both a legendary brand in the history of photography, and the manufacturer of some of the best equipment available today. Single-handedly, Leica managed to keep alive rangefinder photography, carrying it to the digital era while developing visionary products that nobody else could ever even dream of putting on the market, such as the Leica M Monochrom (a black & white only digital camera), or the Leica M-D (a digital camera without a LCD screen on its back).

At the same time, Leica developed the first professional mirrorless camera, the Leica SL, and created a medium format system designed from the ground up, the Leica S, featuring some of the best lenses ever designed. Leica experimented with the Unibody, buttonless Leica T and gave us the amazing Leica Q. In short, in this phase of transition towards a world where photography is almost completely digital, Leica managed to keep a unique balance between tradition and innovation, always keeping faithful to a philosophy of essentiality and simplicity in design, features and ease of use that I personally really love.

What is most important, though, is that they kept providing photographers with unique tools enabling us to create images that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to create at all, or at least that we wouldn’t be able to create with the same ease or technical perfection. Above all, images that we wouldn’t enjoy creating as much as we do.

Being Ambassador of such a tradition is both an honour and an enormous pleasure for me, as well as being among the best recognitions for my photographic work I could imagine. Being an instructor of Leica Akademie Italy is a great motivator to pass the knowledge I learned during my journey with photography in the best way I can, as well as a testament to the quality of my teaching. Ad majora!

The Dolomites Photography Workshop

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