Vieri Bottazzini & ImagOrbetello present Vieri Bottazzini Workshops Special Award


I am very proud and excited to introduce the “Vieri Bottazzini Workshops Special Award” for Landscape Photography, in partnership with ImagOrbetello Festival and Competition! Having been adjudicating ImagOrbetello Competition since the 2017 edition and having chaired the dedicated Landscape Jury Panel since 2018, I simply found it a natural next step to be directly sponsoring the Competition offering a “Vieri Bottazzini Workshops Special Award”.

I love photography, and I love teaching it. With over two decades of teaching on my back, I think that nothing helps developing the art and craft of photography that we all love so much like sharing knowledge. “Let’s Develop Photography Together” is my motto and following this principle I have been working very hard to create the best Workshops I could. With attendance limited to just three participants, zero carbon footprint and many more unique features, my Workshops are now regarded in the industry as some of the best out there, if not the very best (see VIERI BOTTAZZINI WORKSHOPS).

The Dolomites Photography Workshop

As you might know, many businesses out there follow heavy discount pricing policies, with rebates as high as 80-90%. Without starting a discussion about the merit of such policies and the ethics behind them, I have always followed a completely different policy. I take pride in pricing my Workshops right, right off the bat. This allows me to give you the best rate I can for what my unique Workshops offer, and it allows you to know what a Workshop will really cost you, without surprises, from the day it has been announced to the day it starts. More importantly, it allows you to book a Workshop whenever you are ready to do so, without fearing that you’ll be “cheated” by the next discount campaign.

So, when I started thinking about how to sponsor ImagOrbetello’s Competition, I thought that offering a coupon to be used for one of my Workshops would make for a great prize. It is basically real money, not a balloon discount, and it gives the winner a unique opportunity to join us on one of my trips!

Read an abstract from ImagOrbetello Competition’s press release to find out all about the Vieri Bottazzini Workshops Special Award:

“Festival ImagOrbetello and l’Arte del Paesaggio are proud to announce the first Vieri Bottazzini Workshop Special Award, presented to the best Fine Art Landscape Photograph in the Landscape category. The Award, a 250 euro value voucher, is valid to participate in one of Vieri Bottazzini’s unique Workshops and must be used by May 1, 2020.

Vieri Bottazzini Workshops bring you to photograph the most spectacular landscapes in the world in the maximum comfort, and with the best results that only an attendance limited to three photographers can guarantee. Vieri Bottazzini Workshops are all carbon-neutral thanks to the planting of 250 trees per participant. The Award, personal and undividable, will be assigned by Vieri Bottazzini at his sole discretion.“

Follow the link for the full press release, both in Italian and English: VIERI BOTTAZZINI WORKSHOPS SPECIAL AWARD.

Of course, the Vieri Bottazzini Workshops Special Award is adjudicated separately from the Competition’s prizes for Landscape photography, so you can definitely win both. More, you can book any Workshop you like right now, and if you win the Vieri Bottazzini Workshops Special Award you’ll be able to use your voucher against your Workshop’s balance!

Cinque Terre & Tuscany Photography Workshop

Follow the link to IMAGORBETELLO COMPETITION, in Italian & English, to participate in the 2019 ImagOrbetello Photography Competition and win the Vieri Bottazzini Workshops Special Award together with all the other great Competition Prizes, but don’t wait too long: submissions are accepted just until July 31, 2019!

Normandy & Brittany Photography Workshop

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