Thrilling and exciting news today! I am really proud and honoured to announce that in December 2020 I have been selected as one of just 10 Local Ambassador worldwide for Phase One!

The Faroe Islands Photography Workshop

Phase One is a Danish company, producing what is arguably the best image creating equipment available on the market today. Phase One’s line of digital backs features regular, achromatic and trichromatic backs with resolution up to 150Mp.

My history with Phase One started a long time ago. In fact, the very first digital medium format system I ever used was made by Phase One. I first started using Phase One cameras with the P45+ digital back in 2009, when I was living in Istanbul and photographing mostly artists and musicians. In 2010, a Phase One P65+ digital back, coupled with a Silvestri Bicam, has been my camera of choice when I took the one-month-long trip in the Southwest USA that changed my life, making me decide to become a full-time landscape photographer. The P65+, this time coupled with a Linhof Techno, accompanied me for two more years of landscape photography after that fateful trip.

Up until recently, you could pair Phase One’s digital backs with their own cameras (from the Mamiya-derived cameras to the DF and now the XF), or with third-party tech cameras from manufacturers such as Arca-Swiss, Alpa, Linhof, Cambo, etc. The latter solution allowed you to use movements such as tilt & shift, and to enjoy the amazing image quality of Rodenstock and Schneider large format lenses.

A decade ago, when I first worked with Phase One cameras, using a tech camera with a digital back in the field was a rather cumbersome proposition, especially under inclement weather. This is why, after a couple of years working with Phase One P65+ and Linhof Techno, in 2012 I decided to move back to smaller format cameras for my landscape work. Convenience won.

In September 2019, however, Phase One took the tech camera market by storm announcing their new XT camera line, developed together with Cambo. Finally, the old and glorious tech camera concept, which stayed unchanged for pretty much all its history, had stepped into the future.

With integrated electronic shutter, a camera body allowing you to record movements, full control of operations from the digital back and even featuring a shutter button acting like your familiar DSLR camera’s shutter button, the Phase One XT is a quantum leap in tech camera technology.

Most importantly for me personally, after 10 years since I first used Phase One equipment, with the Phase One XT I started thinking about coming back to full-frame medium format for my Fine Art landscape work.

So, imagine my surprise when a few months after the XT’s announcement, in 2020 Phase One contacted me offering me to cooperate with them! Humbled and honoured, I started working on designing my Phase One XT kit, while fine-tuning the details of our partnership.

Finally, in December 2020, thanks to Frame s.r.l., Phase One Italian’s distributor (follow the link to FRAME to get in touch with them), I got delivery of my Phase One XT with a Phase One IQ4 150 Mp digital back and Rodenstock 23mm, 32mm 50mm and 90mm lenses (click to see my PHASE ONE XT BOX OPENING video).

Meanwhile, we ironed out all details on the partnership end, and we are now ready to go! So, starting from December 2020, I have both the honour of being a Phase One Local Ambassador (see all 10 of us following the link to PHASE ONE LOCAL AMBASSADORS) and the pleasure of using Phase One equipment again to create my Fine Art landscape images. On the tenth anniversary of my decision to dedicate myself exclusively to landscape photography, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate, and I am looking forward to many more decades of landscape photography together with Phase One!

The Dolomites Photography Workshop

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