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People say that gear is not important, is the photographer that counts. True. However, there is one particular piece of gear that no matter how good a photographer you are, if you do landscape, you can’t be without. Incidentally, this is the last piece of gear I would consider on downsizing, when the time will come for me to start reducing the load I’m able to carry.

It’s the tripod.

The Faroe Islands Photography Workshop

No matter how good and expensive your camera is, if the tripod shakes, vibrates or moves in any way, your photos will be destined for the bin. If your tripod isn’t easy to setup and adjust, if it doesn’t get low enough or high enough, you might have to compromise on composition and – therefore – on your vision.

Over the years, I tried the best there is. I used Gitzo first, which served me well until a major problem made me decide it was time to move on and never look back. Then, I moved on to Really Right Stuff tripods, which are great and which I loved and used for many years. I thought I was all set, until in August 2022, almost by coincidence, I got in touch with Ari from FLM Canada and got one of their CP34-L4 tripods to review.

I left home in early September, and I photographed pretty much every day since, in a variety of extreme conditions. During my field testing, I have been in touch with FLM Canada to share my ongoing impressions and recommendations, as well as what few concerns I had, which have all been addressed immediately. My full review is going to be published in December, but for now, let me just say that after two months of use of the tripod day-in, day-out, I was hooked. The FLM CP34-L4 replaced my RRS TFC-34L.

Most importantly, FLM Canada, in the person of Ari, really impressed me during these last months. Always ready to listen, always ready to help, always kind and in good humour. Just the kind of gear manufacturers I love to work with. So, when FLM Canada offered me to cooperate with them, it just felt right to accept, and I am now proud to announce that cooperation with you!

As a result, I am now happy to be able to offer all my blog readers a great deal on all FLM Canada gear: just follow the link:


use code vieri10 and you’ll enjoy a 10% discount on your order, if no other / better promotions are active! (Disclaimer: if you order clicking on the link above, I am going to receive a small commission, much smaller than your 10% discount – a win/win!)

Glencoe & Isle of Skye Photography Workshop

As far as my own work, from now on I will use FLM Tripods exclusively; wait for my upcoming field review in December to find out why!

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