Vieri Bottazzini, 2020

After training as a classical musician, for the first half of my professional life I worked as a solo artist, playing over 300 concerts. I taught college, recorded 7 CDs, curated musical editions, published transcription of new repertoire for my instrument and contributed articles for the main magazines in my industry. Meanwhile, and since I remember, I photographed.

My love story with photography started before my teens, with a Nikon F, and it never stopped since. For years, it remained just a passion and a hobby.

It all changed in 2005, when I started photographing professionally. First, I worked with people, both commercially and as a street photographer. My people work got published by leading magazines, and is the work that got me exhibited first.

Then, in 2010, I spent a momentous summer month photographing the desert landscapes of Southwest USA. I was there for just a month, but in a way my soul never left. Right there and then, I knew landscape photography would become my life.

Losing myself in those endless spaces helped me finding my inner self. It freed my creative energy. It pushed me to go deep under the surface to discover who I truly was and what I truly wanted to do. The extreme heat and the harshness of the landscapes toughened me, creatively, physically and mentally. I came back transformed.

Since then, I have been traveling the world telling stories of nature and men, exploring the concept of time and playing with the thin line between real and surreal. Through my photographic interpretations of the planet’s landscapes, I aim to transmit to you the emotions that a place and a moment in time awoke in me. I aim to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and embrace the unknown, where creativity awaits.

This is what fascinates me, what motivates me to keep walking along my path of personal, photographic and artistic development.

In this age of extreme Photoshop and AI, I enjoy developing my personal style keeping it deeply rooted in pure photographic craftsmanship. I believe in honouring the majestic power of our planet’s beauty using real, unadulterated photography only. Through my unique black & white photographs, resulting from porting into the digital realm decades of knowledge about film developing, and through subtly processed colour photographs, I love investigating the relationship between nature and mankind, exploring the concepts of time and of the surreal.

My Fine Art work is the culmination of over a decade of study, passion and craftsmanship, of months spent on the road every year, of hundreds of kilometres of hikes. Most of all, it’s the result of a lifetime’s devotion to the arts. Since 2010, my Fine Art work is part of many individual collections, has been displayed in solo and collective exhibitions, viewed millions of times on social media and featured on leading publications such as Medium Format Magazine, LEMAG, Elements-Landscape Photography Magazine and more.

I have been teaching for over 30 years now, and I enjoy it enormously. Since 2015, I lead truly limited attendance 3-people Workshops in places like Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Scotland, England, the USA, Italy, France and Spain, and I mentor photographers one-on-one.  During these years I ran over 80 Workshops, working with over 120 Alumni.

“Vieri Bottazzini’s photography is a poetic journey in landscapes of endless beauty, landscapes he could capture the inner spirit of, by going past their mere appearance in an aesthetic voyage of discovery of our planet’s deepest nature.”
Handbook, The Official Costa Smeralda Magazine


I am currently a proud Ambassador for Phase One and NYA-EVO bags. More, I partner with FLM Canada Partner and The Heat Company, and I am a Qualified Associate of the BIPP. In the past, I worked as Leica Ambassador & Leica Akademie instructor (2016-2018), as Formatt-Hitech Featured Artist & Brand Ambassador (2016-2021) and a H&Y Filters Ambassador (2021-2024).

Vieri Bottazzini is a proud Phase One Local Ambassador
Vieri Bottazzini is a proud NYA-EVO Ambassador

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– Life Behind (Hayatin ardinda)
Solo exhibition. 24.12.2005 / 21.01.2006
Akustik Gallery, Meclis-I Mebusan Cad. 157, Findikli – Istanbul, Turkey

– Istanbul’s streets and alleys (Istanbulin kaduilta ja kujilta)
Solo exhibition. 12.04 / 07.05.2007
Underground Photo Gallery, Kirkkopuistonkatu 9, lisalmi, Finland

– Life behind
Solo exhibition. 10.12.2008 / 10.06.2009
Studio Cascio-Ferraro, Via Lamarmora 40, Milano, Italy

– Life and economy in the streets of Istanbul
Solo exhibition. 13.04 / 12.06.2010
OpenMind gallery, Via Rovello 5 Milano, Italy

– Time (&) Matters
Solo exhibition. 03.10.2017 / 23.03.2018
Studio Cascio-Ferraro, Via Lamarmora 40, Milano, Italy

– Time (&) Matters
Solo exhibition. 11.08.2018 / 07.09.2018
ImagOrbetello Photofestival, Polveriera Guzman, Orbetello (GR), Italy


My work has been featured by magazines such as Abitare, Rolling Stones, Cosmo, Medium Format Magazine, LEMAG – Long Exposure Photography Magazine, Elements – Landscape Photography Magazine, Handbook – The Official Costa Smeralda Magazine, Xclusive Photomag & more.


As a Fine Art landscape photographer, I believe the Earth to be not just our only source of life but our never-ending source of inspiration as well, and I am fully committed to protect it and make sure that this source will truly never end.

I believe that such commitment, in this day and age, must turn into action. This is why between June 2019 and December 2023 I have cooperated as a Proud Partner of Eden Reforestation Projects, an organisation active in reforestation and reducing poverty in less developed areas of the World. During our partnership, I committed part of our Workshops’ fees (as well as a part of my print sales) to offset the carbon footprint created both by us and people joining our Workshops. Over the years, together we funded the planting of 56.500 trees, a small forest!

I am also a Proud Member of Nature First – The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography and a Proud Partner of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, two organizations doing a great job in educating and protecting the environment.

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