My equipment choices have always been dictated by what I have to shoot and by the look I have in mind for my images. This is true both for my choice of digital backs, cameras, lenses and filters, as well as for other fundamental parts of my kit such as support, carrying and lighting. I believe that as vast a knowledge of equipment as possible, in terms of different cameras, tripods, filters, and so on, is fundamental to constantly improve my work. More, mastering such knowledge is also fundamental to help my Workshop participants to make the most of their potential and to sensibly choose the equipment that best suits their workflow and shooting style.


When I started working professionally as a landscape photographer, back in 2010, I used medium format equipment – in particular, a Phase One P65+ digital back, with a Silvestri Bicam first, followed by a Linhof Techno. With both these cameras, I used some truly spectacular Rodenstock and Schneider lenses.

During the following ten years, I used medium format pretty much non-stop, working all around the world in all kind of environments and weather conditions with cameras such as the Pentax 645D and 645Z, Leica S (Typ 007), Hasselblad X1D and X1D II. So, while I am still striving to learn something new every day, I can easily say that – since the advent of digital medium format – I built up an extensive experience with this amazing image-creating medium.

I just love the aesthetics of medium format. I love the ability of covering the same field of view with longer lenses compared to 35mm. I love the way modern medium format lenses draw. Plus, modern large format sensors offer extremely high resolution, great dynamic range and beautiful colors. So, for me and my work, medium format is a no-brainer.

While 33x44mm small medium format sensors are a good start, it is only moving to full frame 645 digital medium format that you can really see a dramatic change in look. This is why, starting December 2020, I am back to my first medium format love, Phase One, and to full-frame medium format sensors.


PHASE ONE LOCAL AMBASSADOR | Starting December 2020, I am proud and honored to be an Ambassador for Phase One. Contrarily to many, in these influencer-based times, I’d only consider Ambassadorship offers from manufacturers of equipment I truly love and I actually use. Despite many requests, in my career I previously only accepted one other offer, as Leica Ambassador (2016-2018). When Phase One contacted me, I was delighted: Phase One produces what is arguably the best image creating equipment available today. I love their gear, and going back to Phase One was like going back home, to the beginning of my love story with landscape photography.

MY PHASE ONE CAMERAS & LENSES | Since December 2020, to create my landscape images I use exclusively a Phase One IQ4 150 Mp digital back, sided since January 2022 by a Phase One IQ4 Achromatic 150 Mp back as well. Digital backs offer me the best image quality available today, with the flexibility of being able to use them on any Tech camera platform of my choice, with any large format lens of my choice. Simply unbeatable!

Currently, in my bag you’ll find:


Alpa 12 STC
Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 5.6/23mm (15mm FOV eq.)
– Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/40mm (27mm FOV eq.)
– Schneider APO-Digitar 4.5/90mm (58mm FOV eq.)
– Rodenstock / ALPA HR 5.6/180mm (115mm FOV eq.)

Please CONTACT ME if you are interested in trying Phase One equipment and in purchasing your Phase One kit at an Ambassador discount.

OTHER CAMERAS | Besides my main Phase One IQ4 main system, I also use 35mm cameras, both as backup and for people and street photography. In my bag you’ll find:



(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


FILTERS | For my work, high quality filters are as important as cameras and lenses. Filters allow me to balance the light and to control color saturation and reflections in my images. More, filters provide me with complete control over shutter speed, becoming both a great expressive and compositional tool. In short, filters bring me as close as possible to creating the images I envision directly in camera, helping me to reduce post-processing to a minimum.

H&Y FILTERS AMBASSADOR | Starting in November 2021, I am honoured to be Ambassador for H&Y Filters, the best currently on the market and the ones with the easiest, most intelligent system to use.


Here’s a detailed list of my filters:

– H&Y 100mm Magnetic Filter Holder
– CPL Circular Polariser

– 0.6, 0.9 and 1.2 Soft Edge Grad ND filters
– 0.9 Reverse Grad ND filter
– 0.9 Center Grad ND filter

DISCOUNT | As an H&Y Filters Ambassador, I am happy to offer you a 10% discount on all your purchases! Just use code vieri10 on H&Y FILTRI, the Italian distributor for H&Y’s website, and your discount will automatically show up in your shopping cart. Enjoy!

LENS COVER | Rather than using lens caps, I much prefer to leave a filter holder adapter ring on each and every lens I own. This way, I am always ready to work without the hassle of screwing adapter rings on and off my lenses, which is something unpractical – and potentially dangerous! – in cold weather, in precarious balance conditions, and so on.

To protect my lenses, I then use a LENSCOAT HOODIE (SMALL) (paid link) for each lens I own. It only takes a second to take the hoodie on and off my lenses and they offer the same protection as a lens cap, or better (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).


BAGS | For my photography, I travel and hike a lot, in all kinds of environments and under any kind of weather. While I do my best to minimise the equipment I carry, to be as effective and efficient as possible, I still need to carry a hefty amount of gear. To do that as comfortably as possible, I need a truly comfortable bag, one that allows me to carry what I need with the least effort and the best balance. I also need a durable bag, a bag able to withstand the hard weather and environmental conditions I work in.

After years spent trying to find the perfect bag, I finally settled for NYA-EVO bags for my Phase One gear – they are simply the best bags out there for me.

NYA-EVO AMBASSADOR | Starting in 2023, I am proud and honoured to be a NYA-EVO Ambassador!

Today, both myself and my wife are using exclusively NYA-EVO bags to carry our gear in the field: they are built like a tank, they are intelligently organised to carry all our stuff and then some, but most importantly they are the most comfortable bag to carry that we ever used, bar none, and this makes a huge difference when wearing our bags for long walks and hikes.

Here’s my bag, for my Alpa 12 STC / PhaseOne IQ4 kit:

– FJORD 60-C ECONYL Backpack with

Here’s my wife’s bag, for her FujiFilm FX-X-T4 kit:

– FJORD 36 ECONYL Backpack with

DISCOUNT | As a NYA-EVO Ambassador, I am happy to offer you a 10% discount on all your purchases! Just use code VIERI10FORU on NYA-EVO‘s website, and your discount will automatically show up in your shopping cart. Enjoy!

CLOTHING | Working 6 months a year in the field, often in extreme weather conditions, clothing is a fundamental part of my equipment. For maximum flexibility, I prefer to dress in layers, and I use merino clothes as much as possible due to their amazing thermal proprieties, lightness and ability to pack small. I use Mammut down jackets & shells for their comfort, thermal proprieties & durability and Scarpa Ribelle HD shoes for their sturdiness and reliability.


TRIPODS | For landscape photography, the importance of a great tripod can never be overestimated. Even the best camera in the world will output mediocre results if your platform is not stable enough, and that becomes more and more evident as you progress with higher Mp count cameras and better lenses.

FLM CANADA PARTNER | Starting in November 2022, I am proud to be partnering with FLM Canada and use FLM tripods exclusively for my work.

FLM Tripods are strong, light and incredibly well built; they’ll stand the test of time and will always be ready to support your camera in any conditions you’ll throw at them, without skipping a beat.

Here’s my tripods of choice:

– FLM CP34-L4
– FLM CP38-L4


DISCOUNT | Thanks to my partnership with FLM Canada, I am happy to offer you a 10% discount on all your purchases! Just use code vieri10 on FLM CANADA website and, unless there are better promotions running, you should see your discount showing up in your shopping cart. Enjoy!

(If you order clicking on the link above, I am going to receive a small commission, much smaller than your 10% discount – a win/win!)

CAMERA SUPPORT | Besides FLM tripods, to support my equipment in the field, I use (paid link):

– 2 x Harry Benz The Brogue SL
– 2 x Harry Benz The Brogue Wingtips

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


GLOVES | Cold hands are a serious problem when working in the field in sub-zero temperatures for long hours. After years spent searching for the best gloves, I finally settled for The Heat Company, which in my opinion makes the best glove system on the market.

In particular, I use their MERINO LINER PRO paired with their SHELL, adding HAND WARMERS as needed. Together, they provide me with the best thermal insulation together with maximum flexibility in use, allowing me to modulate the level of heat and of camera control according to the situation.

Starting in October 2020, I am proud to be a Partner of The Heat Company, and as such I am very happy to be able to offer you a discount on their amazing products with no kickback whatsoever to me. CONTACT ME to get your discount code!

LIGHTING | Finally, when I work on my architectural Portfolios or when I am on assignment doing commissioned work, to complement the sunlight or when the sunlight is not enough, I use (paid link):

GODOX AD400 PRO flashes

– Chimera softboxes

– Lastolite light modifiers

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

If you have any questions about my Phase One, H&Y Filters, NYA-EVO bags, FLM Tripods, or about The Heat Company and my other equipment, or if you want to talk about about landscape photography and about my work, or if you are interested in my unique LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS with attendance limited to just THREE participants or One-on-One, or if you want to bring home the magic with my FINE ART PRINTS uniquely available in ONE copy only, or if you just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME, I am always happy to hear from you!


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