We live in a visual world, images are everywhere. In times when people with little or no experience whatsoever can create and share content, improvise themselves as photographers, sell themselves as tour leaders and offer photographic services, today more than ever it is fundamental for business, educational organizations, amateurs and professional photographers alike to rely on a trusted, professional photography service provider.


In today’s business world, your image is everything. Using stock images, you’ll just make your image look like everyone else’s. If you need landscape photographs for advertising, magazines and publications, from commercial uses to conservation uses, look no further: from images out of my vast catalogue to assignment work produced on demand for you, I got you covered.

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When you need that special location for your movie, TV show, advertising videos or photoshoots, searching on Google Maps or scraping information from websites is not enough. Only professional location scouting can provide you with a full, trouble-free package complete with everything you need from sample images, light and weather information, detailed costs analysis and logistics!

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I strongly believe that professional, perfectly organized Workshops for truly small groups are the best way to improve your landscape photography. Open to photographer of any level, my unique Landscape Photography Workshops with attendance limited from a maximum of three participants down to private Workshops One-on-One created on demand for you, will take your photography to the next level!

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If you are preparing for a competition, a certification, a qualification or an exam, or if you are simply an amateur looking to move past useless and often misleading social media “Likes”, nothing will help you improve more than a professional Portfolio review. Get a full written report about your Portfolio, from general coherence to a detailed analysis of each individual photograph and use it as a reference to work on improving your skills.

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Whatever your level is, if you really want to take your landscape photography to the next level then you’ll need a learning program designed just for you. Combine a Portfolio review with one or more Workshops One-on-One to create your custom-made learning program, perfectly tailored on your level and requirements.

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Moments of collective discussions and debate are fundamental for the growth of the photography movement at large. To encourage and promote them, I offer lectures and talks for photo clubs and associations on topics ranging from photography technique to the aesthetics and philosophy of photography.

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